the infrastructure

Boarding area A consists of three structures: forepart, connecting building and Pier A.  The forepart is a large area on two levels dedicated to waiting for the passenger. Inside there are commercial premises, both retail and food & beverage spread over about 6000 square meters, as well as multiple services designed to make waiting for your flight pleasant including playground, Vip Lounge, work area and nursery. A connecting body  raised area transformed into an exhibition gallery of works of art, connects the forepart with the Pier A,  three-storey building mainly intended for passenger boarding. The three structures, capable of fostering the natural relationships between the passenger and the environment, were built according to the most advanced LEED ® sustainability standards.

The infrastructure, testimony of an Italy that does not stand still despite the difficulties, was created by exploiting as much as possible natural lighting and the direct and immediate perception of the target areas with large windows on the ceiling and real portholes. Comfort is ensured by an innovative air exchange system that varies according to the number of passengers present. An excellent customer experience possible thanks to spaces entirely dedicated to passengers and bright waiting rooms with boarding gates with a strong visual impact.

An advanced LED system capable of a narration able to tune in to the passenger’s mood, managing to make the entire ecosystem feel alive, enhancing the spaces and enhancing the excellence of Made in Italy.

MLN Passengers

LEED certificate "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design"


Exhibition route with works from the Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica to promote awareness of the historical and artistic value of the area where the Fiumicino airport is located.
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A large and modern shopping area on two floors. In total, there are 21 sale points with the best offers available for shopping and food.
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Eat & Drink

In the new building there are numerous food & beverage outlets arranged in a large walkable area dedicated to passengers.

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